6.1m (20ft) shipping container

Available for Sale New - Sale Used - Hire

Container specifications


External Length6058mm
External Width2438mm
External Height2591mm
Interior Length5898mm
Interior Width2350mm
Interior Height2390mm
Door Width2338mm
Door Height2280mm
Cubic Volume33.1m3
Gross Weight30,480kg
Tare Weight2180kg
ISO Code22G1
Shipping GradeIILC5
Internal GradeFood Grade

The workhorse of the shipping container industry

This is the most common type of 6.1m (20ft) long container used in international shipping and is certified for shipping and rail for five years from date of manufacture before requiring re-certification. As a new sale container, it is maintained to a “Food Grade™” quality standard, ensuring the best possible equipment is available at all times. As a used (second-hand) unit, these shipping containers come in a variety of conditions and are priced accordingly. Boxman offer a refurbishment service, whereby B through to A grade equipment can be cleaned down and repainted according to your requirements. Please download the New or Used specification sheet pdf depending on your requirements.

Boxman new built container features

New build Boxman containers are built to the highest industry specification with the following features:

  • High strength, corrosion resistant steel
  • Additional air vents to prevent condensation
  • Polyurethane coated floors for easy cleaning
  • Security lock-boxes.

All Boxman containers are CSC plated to allow for coastal and international shipping.


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