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Container modification and customisation - if you can dream it, we can build it!

Container modification and customisation can be as simple as adding a window or door, painting the container with your company branding, or as complex as building fully fitted out housing units, portable bars and medical clinics.

Ultimately if you can dream it up, and you've got the budget, we can modify and build it. Boxman has a team of engineers focused on turning your ideas into a reality. Container modification is a strength of our business we take great pride in, so please contact us with your container modification ideas.

This page illustrates some simple shipping container modification and customisation options, as well as some of the more complex projects we undertake. To see some of Boxman's branded and sign-written containers and trade show container ideas, please click here.

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Boxman container modification video

Over the course of a couple of months in early 2015, our engineers took on this shipping container conversion project at our Nelson facility. They converted two 12.2m (40 foot) hi-cube shipping containers into a music studio and rehearsal space, with a 140m3 capacity. Watch the video below to see how it was done.

Container modifications and customisation gallery

Basic options for container modification and repairs

Fit a door or ranch slider

We fit all types of standard doors, ranch sliders or roller doors, all of which can be placed behind the container doors for security.

Full side opening doors

Full side opening doors can be built from scratch and fitted to the side of your container.

Recessed door with seals

A recessed personnel access door with weather seals can be added.

Custom paint colours

We can repair and repaint your container as well as add company branding on new containers. View colour options.

Security bars and lock-boxes

Adding a lock-box to the doors of your container provides extra security at minimal additional cost.

Windows and openings

Windows are relatively easy to fit to a container, and are surprisingly cost effective.

Toilets, sinks and showers

A full bathroom can be added to your container, and we can build portable toilet/shower blocks.

Shelving and cupboards

We can create a basic office unit, and provide shelving, cupboards and workspaces within a mobile workshop.

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More complex container modification projects

Trade show container

Boxman modified and fitted out this display container with a drop down side and awning.

More info (pdf)

High end accommodation

Our part in this project involved the steel work, fitting of windows and doors, some interior walls and building the innovative fold up decking base.

More info (pdf)

The Muscle Farm

Our part in this project involved the basic steel work and cutting very accurate holes for the windows and doors.

More info (pdf)

Construction toilet block

The brief from the client was to provide a functional on-site toilet unit for their construction staff.

More info (pdf)

Builders bathroom

The brief from the client was to provide two compact bathroom units for their workers on building sites.

More info (pdf)

Vineyard accommodation

The brief from the client was to provide comfortable semi-permanent accommodation for their office staff located at their vineyards in Marlborough.

More info (pdf)

Container post boxes

Boxman created this compact postal facility, adding the post boxes and internal access, plus insulation, linings and electrical fittings.

More info (pdf)

Promotional containers

For information and ideas to promote your business, please see our branded containers page.

More info (pdf)

How to convert a shipping container into a portable office building

The most basic options involve the fitting of windows and doors into an unlined (non-insulated) steel container with no electrical work, all the way up to a fully lined, fully fitted out, air-conditioned office unit. Pricing is entirely dependent upon specification, and likely to range from a very basic $5,000 model, up to $30,000 and sometimes more.

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