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3m (10ft) cut down shipping container - construction site shed

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Container specifications

External Length
External Width 2438mm
External Height 2591mm
Interior Length Variable
Interior Width 2350mm
Interior Height 2380mm
Door Width Variable
Door Height
Cubic Volume Variable
Gross Weight 5000kg
Tare Weight 1000kg
Payload 4000kg
ISO Code 12GX
Int. Grade Food to A Grade

About this cut-down construction site container

The 3m (10ft) long cut-down container is remanufactured by Boxman to function as a site shed for the construction industry. They are also ideal for use as a storage container which needs to fit into a tight space.  

The standard door option is a double door, but other options are available so please enquire if you want something different. Because we modify them at local branches, these containers can be customised in other ways too. Container length can be varied from 2.7m to 3.5m, giving a range of storage capacity between 14m3 and 20m3.

Download full spec sheet - PDF

Boxman cut-down shipping container features

Boxman's cut-down containers come with several unique features:
Firstly, all the steel panels that we add are new, high quality, New Zealand made steel.
We add a secure lock-box and forklift pocket. Top lifting loops can be added, and other custom modifications are also possible.
Single door units come with an easy-to-operate locking mechanism. The containers are lightweight and easily handled on site.
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