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12.2m (40ft) high-cube container with doors both ends for hire

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Container specifications

External Length
External Width 2438mm
External Height 2896mm
Interior Length 11,978mm
Interior Width 2350mm
Interior Height 2695mm
Door Width 2338mm
Door Height
Cubic Volume 75.9m3
Gross Weight 30,480kg
Tare Weight 4110kg
Payload 26,370kg
ISO Code 45G1
Subtype STDDBE
Shipping Grade IICL5
Internal Grade Food Grade

Huge capacity container with flexible access

The mainstay of our 40ft leasing fleet, this shipping container has been built to a High-Cube specification allowing for maximum load factors. High-Cube containers have an extra 300mm of head space, which in a 12.2m (40ft) long container creates an extra 8.6m3 of usable volume. 

We have built this container with doors at both ends for more flexible access to the cargo. To allow for easy handling when empty, this container has fork pockets built into the understructure.

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Boxman new built container features

New build Boxman containers are built to the highest industry specification with the following features:
  • High strength, corrosion resistant steel
  • Additional air vents to prevent condensation
  • Polyurethane coated floors for easy cleaning
  • Security lock-boxes.
All Boxman containers are CSC plated to allow for coastal and international shipping.
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Shipping containers for hire

6.1m (20ft) high-cube container for hire

With an ample 37.3m³ of storage space, this high-cube container for hire will easily accommodate a three bedroom house lot for storage.

2.4m (8ft) shipping container for hire

If you want to hire a small, highly portable storage unit, this is the ideal Boxman container for your needs. It has a 9.9m³ storage capacity.

3m (10ft) shipping container for hire

If you only need half the storage volume of a 6.1m (20ft) container, here is the solution. At 15.9m³, this container is still capable of being shipped and transported by rail.

6.1m (20ft) high-cube, full side opening container for hire

This container opens completely down one side in addition to having standard end doors. The side opening allows quick and easy loading of longer items and palletised product.

6.1m (20ft) high-cube furniture box for hire

Featuring plywood lining on the interior walls, tie rails on the side walls and roof, along with doors at both ends, this container provides the best option for moving precious cargo.

6.1m (20ft) high-cube reefer for hire

A high capacity chilled storage unit, these containers operate at temperatures between -25°C and +20°C and are usually sold in food grade condition. Also available as insulated (non-operating) containers.

12.2m (40ft) high-cube refrigerated shipping container

A high capacity chilled storage unit, these containers operate at temperatures between -25°C and +20°C and are generally sold in a food grade condition. May also be available in a non operational (NOR) status as an insulated storage container.
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