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Shipping container transport options

Boxman provide a full container transport service, so we can arrange transportation of a container or containers to and from your site. We can deliver containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea.

Please give us a call for a quote and to discuss your requirements, we're happy to be of service and we guarantee our delivery. Phone toll free 0800 862 892.

Local and domestic shipping container transport

Boxman provides a full door-to-door container freight service throughout New Zealand. You can save money by packing and unpacking the container yourself. We use land based truck and rail companies, and coastal shipping operators, in order to get you the best rates possible.

Australasia-wide shipping container transport

Boxman has an extensive network and relationships with transport companies throughout Australasia. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and as always, we'll be happy to assist in any way we can. Phone toll free 0800 862 892.

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Shipping container certifications

All Boxman's hire containers comply with the following international regulations for safety and transportation.

C.S.C. Certification

The ‘International Convention for Safe Containers’.

T.I.R. Certification

The ‘Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under the cover of T.I.R. Carnets’ or ‘The Customs Convention on Containers’.

T.C.T Certification

All exposed wooden components used in the container are treated, and comply with the requirements of ‘Cargo Containers - Quarantine Aspects and Procedures of the Commonwealth Department of Health, Australia’.

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