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Shipping containers can be painted and branded in your company colours.

As part of Boxman's container modification and customisation service we can repair and repaint your container - so at the same time, why not think about some visual modifications and start using your container as an advertising billboard? There is a wide range of colours available so you can have your container painted in your corporate colours and get stickers applied with your company logo and/or brand message.

Have a look at some examples of our work in the branded container gallery below, and then get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Some examples of great looking painted and branded shipping containers by Boxman

Arrow International repainted and branded shipping container.

New Zealand on Screen branded 40 foot shipping container.

Armitage Williams construction branded shipping container.

Give your container the full treatment for trade shows like these other examples

US Cellular trade show container with lift up sides and additional pop-up signage. (Not by Boxman)

A branded trade show container for Intel with full coverage graphic signage. (Not by Boxman)

A branded trade show container for Ford with full coverage graphic signage. (Not by Boxman)

This page is all about branded containers - what we can do to create a shipping container modified with colour and graphics to create a great impression for your company. For information about our other container modification services, such as adding windows and doors, please see our Container modification and customisation page.

The benefits of creating a branded shipping container

Because of their size and durability, shipping containers are ideally suited to spread your message, essentially acting as free billboards. They are highly portable, built to last and very robust. There's a huge range of paint colour options available, and with the application of graphics, the visual possibilities are almost endless.

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