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Below you will find a number of FAQs that can assist you with your decision making when you need increased space, to relocate goods, added security or specialty container storage solutions.

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Shipping container FAQ

Container storage - what size container do I need?
Should I lease or buy a container?
What about condensation issues?
Finance - Do you offer a term payment option?
Can I make some changes to the container?
Container grading - what condition is the container in?
Colour options - can I get a container in a different colour, or have it painted in my chosen colour?
Can I purchase the container that I hire?
Will my container be watertight?
Payment - How can I pay?
How secure are the contents of my container?
Can I get insurance for my container storage?
How do I get the container to my desired location?
Does the container need to be certified?
Do I need to make any special arrangements for placing the container on the ground?
How long will my container last?
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