Hazardous and Dangerous Goods (DG) storage containers

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New-build and modified options for the safe storage of hazardous and dangerous goods.

Boxman’s Ultrasafe dangerous goods containers provide a range of solutions to manage risk for a wide range of agri-chemicals, hazardous, toxic and eco-toxic substances.

After consulting with you, we can design and build a container storage unit to meet your requirements and assist you to comply with the HSNO Act (1996) and other relevant regulations. The container storage solution for your dangerous goods will either be custom modified by our specialist engineers in New Zealand, or supplied factory new from our suppliers.

If you can’t find the container you're looking for on this page, please view the full listing of all our containers - or contact us for further assistance.

Hazardous Goods (DG) Storage Containers

3m (10ft) hazardous goods storage container

The ideal small container for the safe storage of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. Opens up fully on one end for easy access.

6.1m (20ft) hazardous goods storage container with side doors

This new, factory-built hazardous goods storage container is the ideal large volume storage unit, with full side opening doors on one side (and one end) to provide really easy access.

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