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6.1m (20ft) High-Cube shipping container

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About this high capacity shipping container


Container features

The 25G1 is the High-Cube version of the standard 6.1m (20ft) long shipping container, and is used primarily for the domestic furniture and storage industries. High-Cube containers have an additional 30cm of vertical space, providing larger capacity.

With an ample 37.3m3 of storage space available, they will easily accommodate a three bedroom house lot.

Container specifications

External Length 6058mm Cubic Volume
External Width 2438mm Gross Weight 30,480kg
External Height 2896mm Tare Weight 2300kg
Interior Length 5898mm Payload 28,180kg
Interior Width 2350mm ISO Code 25G1
Interior Height 2695mm Subtype
Door Width 2338mm Shipping Grade IICL5
Door Height  2585mm Internal Grade Food Grade
  New build Boxman containers are built to the highest industry specification with the following features:
  • High strength, corrosion resistant steel
  • Additional air vents to prevent condensation
  • Polyurethane coated floors for easy cleaning
  • Security lock-boxes.
All Boxman containers manufactured from 2009 onwards have a bamboo floor. This is a renewable resource, making these shipping containers the most environmentally friendly containers in the New Zealand market.

All Boxman containers are CSC plated to allow for coastal and international shipping.

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