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6.1m (20ft) flush folding flatrack

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Maximum flexibility shipping container for big cargo


Container features

The 6.1m (20ft) long ISO flatrack is a special container designed to provide maximum flexibility for cargo loading and is primarily used for break-bulk, over-width or over-height cargo on container ships. It comes in a variety of makes and models including fixed end, folding, flush folding, solid ends or posts to name the most common.

Once retired out of shipping we find their most common use domestically is as bridges or support frames. We have featured images of the most commonly available unit these days, the flush-folding flatrack.

Container specifications

External Length 6058mm Cubic Volume
External Width 2438mm Gross Weight 3400kg
External Height 2591mm Tare Weight 2750kg
Interior Length 5613mm Payload 31250kg
Interior Width 2218mm ISO Code 22P3
Interior Height 2213mm Subtype
Door Width - Shipping Grade IICL5-CW
Door Height  - Internal Grade A Grade to C Grade
  Unlike the majority of containers, the Flatrack provides no protection from the elements for your cargo. Nor are they lockable in any way. For cargo that is sensitive to the elements, good wrapping or a tarpaulin is essential.

  • Flatracks provide a solid base to secure cargo via cargo lashing rods on the side rails
  • The end walls provide some protection from impact damage
  • One or both end walls can be folded down flush with the floor
  • Empty units to be stacked together to make a module for repositioning
Due to the nature of the cargo they hold, Flatracks are generally rated to a higher maximum gross weight than standard containers.

Boxman can also provide a re-certification service so that used containers can be CSC Plated to allow for coastal and international shipping.
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