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12.2m (40ft) Opentop shipping container

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About this shipping container


Container features

The 12.2m (40ft) long 67m3 opentop is one of the more common types of “special” container used in the shipping industry.

It is used primarily for the shipment of over height or large bulk item cargoes (such as machinery) that are unable to be loaded through normal container doors.

A common use in the domestic markets is for them to be used to handle and transport bulk granular cargo such as grains, wood chips and rock/ore.


Cargo is normally loaded through the roof once the tarpaulin and roof bows have been removed, or alternatively swung in through the doors once the rear top rail is removed.

Pricing of used containers varies according to grade and market supply parameters.

Container specifications

External Length 12192mm Cubic Volume
External Width 2438mm Gross Weight 30,480kg
External Height 2591mm Tare Weight 3980kg
Interior Length 12020mm Payload 26,500kg
Interior Width 2350mm ISO Code 42U1
Interior Height 2360mm Subtype
Door Width 2338mm Shipping Grade IICL5-WWT
Door Height  2285mm Internal Grade A Grade to C Grade
  Removable Roof
Opentop containers feature a removable tarpaulin roof which is supported by roof bows. Cargo is easily loaded through the roof cavity once these have been removed.

Removable Rear Top Rail
For large machinery or bulk items that need to be slid in through the container doors, the rear top rail can be removed for better access.

Weatherproof Tarpaulin
Once the cargo is loaded into the container, the tarpaulin is resecured and provides watertight protection for your cargo, even in the case of over height items.

Half Heights
Half height open top containers are available - these are used primarily for carrying heavy bulk cargo such as ore or rock.
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