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The shipping container you want, delivered when you need it.

Boxman are the only New Zealand shipping container company to guarantee the delivery of your container. We will deliver the shipping container you want, when you need it, and subject to some conditions, if we fail to deliver, we will credit you the delivery charge. Please read the full details below.

Boxman will guarantee delivery of your container or containers on time, at the agreed price and condition, provided that stock is available “as expected” at the time of commitment. If the delivery does not meet the agreed deadline, we will credit your delivery charge up to a maximum value of $150+GST.

At Boxman we take great pride in our service and we are happy to go out of our way to provide you the container you want. However, the container industry is subject to numerous external conditions that can affect the supply of both new and used containers into New Zealand such as the availability of raw materials, shipping capacity and weather events. Likewise, the movement of containers around New Zealand and Australia can be adversely impacted by unforeseen industrial action, bad weather, or a natural disaster.

Unforeseen variables not directly under the control of Boxman (such as shipping delays caused by bad weather, accidents and delays by non related third party contractors) shall void this guarantee.

Please talk to one of our staff if you have any questions relating to our shipping container delivery guarantee.

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